What kind of earrings does Cristiano Ronaldo wear?

I noticed them and thought they looked halfway decent, but werent actually studs. He wears studs sometimes, but does anyone know this other type?

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  • Did you actually see him wearing it recently? Or was it an old picture? Cristiano Ronaldo said he doesn’t wear earrings anymore and its pretty obvious since he is never wearing them in his recent pictures/videos. Unless he just started again.

    But im not a earring guy so i have no idea what ones they actually are. Here is a old pic of him wearing em. http://www.men-access.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/…

  • Ronaldo Earrings

  • Sorry, but I cant answer this. Modi though. Although I do not like Ronaldo, you cannot say he has just a little talent. You don’t get booed by other teams unless you once played for them or are really good. In his case, really good. Although he is snobby and crap, but you have to give it to him that he has to put time into practicing and is good.

  • Dont use him as a role model. With all that make up……..he disgusts me……..he might be a little talented but he doesnt work together and dives too much. Forget about him! The only people who like him are gays and girls (no offense to gays nothing against u).

  • he wears alsorts ov earings but mostly dimond ones, if ur thinking ov buying them its guna cost ya!

  • yep, they are mine.. he borrows them often 😉

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