What kind of food do Clowns eat?

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26 Answers

  • Anyone smothered in peanut-butter.

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  • I am actually a clown. A white face clown named Sugar. Clowns aren’t supposed to eat anything at all. In fact, it is against clown law to be seen eating outside of clown land. (clown land is where all the clowns are from) Here is a link to some clown pics!!


  • Clown food.

  • clown food

  • Bananas

  • Faygo

  • peanut butter….ewwwww

    i think they eat cats…or at least i know a clown that has an unhealthy obsession with em..

  • McDonalds–just ask Ronald.

  • normal food the caterers provide for the day at the circus..

    come on

  • Noses.

  • Peanut Butter sticks to my fur >:(

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