What laws would you change for your city that are just a revenue source and don’t do anything ?

For me it would be a excise tax on ebikes and 80cc bikes. It’s moronic I need to 

get a license plate for my electric fat tire bike and 80cc Schwinn Meridian and 

before you say it’s used to fix the roads my city hasn’t done any road work on my 

street I have lived on for 10 years and the same potholes go un repaired. 

4 Answers

  • Fine anyone on a bicycle or e-scooter for being a [email protected]

  • The solution is simple move to a state where you don’t need a tag for your motorized bicycle. 

  • States that legalized dope did so just for the tax revenues, no more, no less.

  • Property tax, excise tax, bottle bill and many more.

    All they do is rip us off. They installed public toilets with tax dollars and it costs money to use them. 

    They charge tolls on highways that are already paid for 10000000X.

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