What made inland travel and trade difficult in Greece?

desert-like landscape

mountainous terrain

monsoon rains that created a muddy landscape

inland climate that was too hot and dry

5 Answers

  • Greece has not desert-like landscape, nor monsoon rains or tropical climate.

    The difficulty in ancient times was the mountainous terrain and the large number of inhabited islands.

  • None of the above:

    Inland Travel and trade in Greece is affected by

    Farmer strikes

    Truck drivers strikes

    Taxi drivers strikes

    Postal workers strikes

    in the end anyone that wants to strike goes to the highway and blockes the road…. and one of these days I’ll do the same.

  • We don’t have a civil war, just riots. Only three-four death people during the night, just one or two during the day-time. Come, here is very safe. Spend some money here.

  • No, no no…Greece is not able to solve this crisis alone. We need our neighbor countries armies and police to intervene to organize order

  • The people

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