what makes a man a good love-maker?

5 Answers

  • I would have to say that a man who can make a deep personal connection during the act (looking me in the eyes, saying sweet things, etc.)totally blows anyone out of the water that can do just the physical aspects of it better.

  • A good love maker pays attention to what you like… He may not get it right the first time but, if he is a good love maker then he will be working on it all the times that follow…..Making love is way different than average sex and hey if your in love the sky is the limit…

  • Pointig out here that men aren’t omnicent… (neither are we btw) If you want a lover to know what you need and desire, you need to tell him/her. Also that being a good lover isn’t the most important thing in a relationship. A great lover who is a lousy person isnt worth it.

    Omnicent is, for the ignorant or lazy, all-knowing.

  • Lovemaker

  • Being open enough to please his girl, caring, kind, and most important talk about what he like and don’t like. Being willing to try

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