What makes Harriet Tubman really important?

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  • c.1820—1913, American abolitionist, b. Dorchester co., Md. Born into slavery, she escaped to Phildelphia in 1849, and subsequently became one of the most successful “conductors” on the Underground Railroad. Returning to the South more than a dozen times, she is generally credited with leading more than 300 slaves (including her parents and brother) to freedom, sometimes forcing the timid ahead with a loaded revolver. She became a speaker on the anti-slavery lecture circuit and a friend of the principal abolitionists, and John Brown almost certainly confided his Harpers Ferry plan to her. During the Civil War, Tubman attached herself to the Union forces in coastal South Carolina, serving as a nurse, cook, laundress, scout, and spy, and in 1863 she played an important part in a raid that resulted in the freeing of more than 700 slaves. At Auburn, N.Y., her home for many years after the war, the Cayuga co. courthouse contains a tablet in her honor.

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    What makes Harriet Tubman really important?

  • Harriet Tubman had the hard childhood of a slave: much work, little schooling, and severe punishment. she escaped and helped others escape too. She was a civil rights activist even though she had a price on her head.

  • Harriet Tubman is a couragous FEMALE African American that ran the underground railroad for slaves from the north to the south…she escaped in 1848 from slavery and help many other slaves escape over the next 10 years …she was really brave!She risked her life to rescue over 300 African Americans from slavery…if thats not something to make someone “really important” i don’t know what is??

  • That harriet tubman saved alot of people during slavery and build the underground railroad to excape slavery and this is my best answer

  • Harriet Tubman!?! U don’t knwo the reason?!?!?

    Well, when she was a kid she was born a slave. 1ce she did something her “owner” didn’t like. He through a glass jar (about the size of a med bottle) right @ her forehead. 4 the rest of her life, free or slave, she would “sleep” because of her head injury. She saved tons of slaves, winter or summer! There was a HUGE reward 4 her capture, but nobody could get her; who wanted 2 @ least. Ppl called her moses because Moses saved all the slaves of Egypt (don’t forget, GOd gave him the power). Hope all that answers your Q!


  • She played a major part in organizing and participating in the underground railroad. This was an underground tunnel by which many slaves were able to escape to freedom.

  • Its becuase of what she did. As you should know she helped blacks escape slavery that is what made her so important. It’s not who she was,it’s what she DID.

  • to me its the fact that she was a woman that study up for herself and others everyone had their own opion on what makes her important

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