What makes malaysian chinese girls so beautiful?

Just look at Michelle Yeoh as well.

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  • There skin is so damn flawless, they have that innocent look about them, and they always smile, oh and they have such beautiful hair…

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  • actual, no. I admire them coz they’re clever. the prosperous could be richer than me. The undesirable has suffered extra effective than me. i do no longer think of i could have the flexibility to take the problem like a number of them do. yet another component is they could talk chinese language and that i won’t be able to… no longer even any dialect good. So i do no longer evaluate myself any further better than any solid people in China.

  • no idea… don’t know any malaysian chinese girls… or who michelle yeoh…

    perhaps genetics are just kind to a few… 😉

  • Their exotic mixture of Asian mixes.

    Malays are a blend of Chinese and various indigous tribes that were there before the Chinese took over.

  • everyone in their own culture has sum beautiful ppl.. sum ugly ppl..

    iam sure we can find alot of beautiful malay/chinese ppl and iam sure i can find sum reallly ugly too.

    iam sure i can find sum beautiful caucasian women and sum ugly.

    iam sure i can find sum beautiful black women and sum ugly.

    What about indian girls?? ive seen indian mixed girls who won miss universe and miss world etc and they are sooo beautiful yet u find sum that are really ugly.

    IT all balances out. one culture doesnt have an advantage over another on looks.

    btw everyones opinions are different. i think michelle yeoh is ugly. i googled her cos i didnt know who she was expecting sum really beautiful woman but i dont think she is. my personal opinion anyway.

    BTW iam half indonesian chinese just incase u think iam hating on asians so my parents and family are pretty close 2 the malay/chinese mix.

  • I don’t know, but I have a Malaysian Chinese neighbor who will love to hear this!! She is lovely and soft spoken.

  • Kitty power

  • I ask you the same about Israel girls, they are so good looking and most are very smart.

    Ps. Are you chinese?

  • I think their are beautiful people in every race and I just looked up her pic and I didn’t think she was that attractive but everyone has different preferences. :]

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