What makes South Africa a 3rd world country with 1st world qualities?

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  • Nice question. To be rather pedantic, SA is regarded as a developing nation, as well as a Newly Industrialized Nation. This has largely to do with it economic status & GDP than other criteria…

    But i think i understand what you are asking.

    SA is a land of great mineral wealth, the mining of which has made SA a lot of money over the years. As mining is an industry intensive activity, a capable infrastructure is very much needed in order to effeciently get minerals out of the ground and to processing plants, harbours for exports etc. As a result of this SA is a heavily industrialized nation, as well as having a solid infrasturucture (especially under the apartheid regime). I believe it was this drive to create a solid infrastructure that has made SA far more competetive than other african & 3rd world nations. This is thanks to the human resources available then; we had the technical and engineering abilty (we still do, south african firms are widely admired around the world. eg the Burj-al-arab in Dubai was built by Murray & Roberts) as well as the manpower to do so, especially under the oppresive apartheid regime.

    However, the infrastructure was only concentrated in major urban centres, a small part of the country. As a result, poverty and service delivery failure (amongst other failures), due to the current ruling party the ANC, still keep these rural areas 3rd world, and infrasturcture development in the urban areas is stagnating to an alarming degree, as evidenced by the national electricity provider Eskom instituting rolling blackouts as it can no longer handle the load placed on it by rampant develpoment, thanks to govt denying it funds.

    In short, our solid infrastructure, particularly road, rail, water, telecoms, gives us our 1st world qualities (for how long tho? the anc hasnt contributed anythin to maintain and upgrade these) while the levels of poverty, a struggling education system, HIV/Aids, and a governing party far more involved in filling their pockets than actually running the country all conspire to hold SA back to developing nation status

    Hannah: 2nd world countries actually refer to communist states. This system of describing nations comes from the Cold War when you had the west (1st world), then the commies and anyone else who didnt fit (3rd world)

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    What makes South Africa a 3rd world country with 1st world qualities?

  • Economicaly speaking South Africa is very mature, primary sector economic activity (agriculturte and mining) only comprises about 8% of South Africa’s GDP, which is indicative of first world countries which tend to have larger secondary and tersiary economic sectors.

    South Africa also have a strong banking, transport, and comunication infrastructure. That said, wealth in South Africa is very unevenly distributed with about 25% of adults being unemployed and 20% of the population owning 80% of the wealth (and no this is not all the white people). This disproportionate distribution of wealth and the unemployment rate are probably the most significant factors that leads to South Africa being described as a third world country.

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  • a good question!

    but the truth is that south africa is neither a first world country or third. its a 2nd world country i know you may think this doesn’t exist but a 2nd world country is a country that is developing into a 3rd world.

    this means that although SA has many first world qualities it still needs to develop more 1st world qualities and still needs to resolve these problems




  • Socially it’s third-world–ending apartheid still left only two classes–one white and reasonably affluent, and the other black and poor. There are still black enclaves like Lesotho, and unlike first-world countries, the middle class is not in the vast majority. It has abandoned the third- and second-world reliance on natural resources almost exclusively (diamonds are still a deBeers monopoly, and just wait till gold takes a monster hit as the dollar strengthens. Like growing first-world countries, South Africa has a thriving industrial base–it produces much of what it needs, including autos and weaponry–and even exports some of it–a good thing, since it’s oil-poor. Unlike the great first-world nations, it has not yet reached the stage of technological innovation and production, nor is it a major Information Age player.

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  • still has problems with aids, poverty, which makes it a third world country

  • well normally we always come third in the tri nations. our third new president to be i assume will take us to 5th world dustbin status.it may be long long while before we come up trumps.

  • Our government…

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