What on earth is “flexipool?”?

I recently applied to a number of health care jobs with a "flexipool" designation. For the life of me, I can't seem to find a definition for this. Does it indicate temporary employment? Rotating shifts? Do they call on days that they need you to work? Any help is appreciated.

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  • I believe a flexipool is a specially designed pool for patients that recuperate in the water by doing exercises with the help of a physical theʀᴀᴘιsт.

    Geriatric and physical

  • Flexi Pool

  • http://www.aquaspherepools.com/pools/flexipool-swi...

    It is a swimming pool. Just kidding. Flexipool is simply a employment agency. Like Manpower or AppleOne. I think they are in Europe.

  • Flexipool is an on-demand group of skilled and experienced staff that we agencies call upon when needed.

  • It is actually mean as needed cause when you see flexipool/ prn means as needed hope this helps anyone that comes across this word again

  • Are list of job applicants who are willing to work on flexible times such as rotating shift.

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