What point of view is used in the following sentence from ‘once in a lifetime’ by jhumpa lahiri?

What point of view is used in the following sentence from "once in a lifetime" by jhumpa lahiri? "this is beautiful," you added, looking around at our lawn, which the snow had transformed. a. first-person b. second-person c. third-person limited d. third-person omniscient e. third-person objective


It's in B. Second-person point of view because of the use of you. The author is telling the story to you, and it's like he's making you feel that you're actually in the story, sensing and seeing all the things he's saying. Hope that made sense.
The correct answer is: [B]: Second-person.

Refer to the phrase

"...you added..." ;   in this particular context.

B). Second-person.


The point-of-view is demonstrated as the dimension/perspective to consider or look at things. The authors employ different modes of point-of-view to relate their story more effectively to the audience. The point-of-view offers a lense or frame to the audience that aids them to view or understand the narrative offered by the author. In the given excerpt from Jhumpa Lahiri's "Once in a Lifetime", the author employs a 'second-person' point of view which is clearly reflected by the use of the pronoun 'you' and 'our'. Such a point of view is described as the narrator relating the story to the another character( could be audience who are being directly addressed by converting them as a character). Thus, option B is the correct answer.

second person point of view


This passage is an example of the second person point of view. This point of view is not as common as the first person or third person, but it can still occasionally appear in literature. The second person point of view occurs when the narrator tells the story of a different character using the pronoun "you." Most of the time, the second person point of view is used in order to engage the audience and make the story more interactive.

The POV is second because the story is told to "you"

The answer is: [B]: Second-person.

Note the following:

'you added, looking around at our lawn..."

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