What realm am I in? For World of Warcraft.?

I just picked a random realm and I dont know what it was can anybody tell me how to find out what realm I am in? Like a website.

7 Answers

  • next time you log in check the side of the screen. It shound tell you what realm you are in and what realm you can chage to. after you log in.

  • On the log in page, right under the “terms of use” button it tells you what realm you are in. I asked my husband he is a WOW player..

  • after you have logged in to play, check for the realm name you’re in at the top of list of toons you have. you should also find the option to change realms there.

  • I was here on Y Answers for something else, then this topic was shown on the sidebar…

  • Yeah it might be correct

  • Don’t think so

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