What rock bands have a black male lead singer?

I mean any kind of rock. And yes i already knoe about travis mccoy from gym class heroes and jahred shane of (hed)pe. anyone else? name all you know or some sites that would help me

i could care less what kind of rock band it is. Or your opinions on the rock band. i just need lead singers

25 Answers

  • Testament

    God Forbid

    Killswitch Engage


    Black Death


    Rage Against The Machine

    I listen to mostly metal, but those are some of the bands i can think of.

  • Black Rock Bands

  • Rage Against the Machine??? Zach de la Rocha is chicano bro.

    Black lead singer= Bad Brains

    I’ll even say Jimi Hendrix

  • Bad Rabbits, Franklin Bridge

  • Veer Union, Sevendust, Nonpoint

  • Living Colour

  • Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage

  • Sepultura, Living Colour, Bad Brains, Fishbone and I think Entombed

  • Thin Lizzy

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    Lenny Kravitz (solo career)

  • Sevendust

  • Splendor, Blessed Union of Souls,

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