What Scotch does Ron White Drink?

6 Answers

  • hard scotch is ron burgundy's drink

  • "I love scotch," he proclaims, as he sips away. But Ron Burgundy has nothing on Blue Collar Comedy comedian Ron White. For White, scotch is more than just a performance-enhancing drug - it's a lifestyle.

    "I have two sides of my bar," White said over the phone from his home near Atlanta. "One side is the scotch bar, which has the finest selection of scotches I have ever seen, which was the goal. And then the other side of the bar is all the crap I don't drink, just in case somebody stops by."

    His taste in whiskey is impeccable, so if you plan on bringing a "gift" to his "Drunk in Public" performance this Saturday at Wachovia Arena, you'd better pony up.

    "For a while, it was Johnny Walker Blue, but I get too out-of-hand on it so I have like 40 bottles of that and that's $225 a bottle," he said, pausing to take another sip of his glass of 18-year-old Johnny Walker Gold. "Then I switched to 25-year-old McCallen, which is even more dangerous and it's about $325 a bottle. They come in coffins. They're packed so well, you can actually kick them to California and they wouldn't break. One tour promoter gives me 30-year-old McAllen, which is $500 a bottle if you can find it. So I have four or five bottles of that."

  • He drinks Dewars scotch. Pronounced "doo-ers"

  • He's so funny! Maybe it's Maker's Mark? Johnnie Walker~Red or Black?

    Is he really drinking when he's on stage performing? Or do you think it's part of his act.

    I mean, can you really drink while performing like that? Smoking cigarettes is one thing, but drinking...

  • My boyfriend says it's all part of his act, he's not really drinking at all.

  • Maybe is bourbon, more shouthern, lol.

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