what should high and low pressure readings be in a r22 filled hvac system in my house?

i do have universal gauges and am an ase master certified auto mechanic but know pressures for r22 are different than r12 or r134 but do not know exactly what is acceptable and thats all im looking for

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  • Your pressure should be 250-275 on discharge line and 65-75 on suction. Remember to check the condenser and evaporator coils for blockage as this is many times overlooked and some techs jump to the conclusion that the system is under charged.

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    what should high and low pressure readings be in a r22 filled hvac system in my house?

  • R22 Pressure

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    50 psi is too low even at 60 outside temp. it may climb a touch when it reaches 70 but as soon as you forget to change the filter and flow is reduced over the coil, you ll freeze up. id be satisfied with 60 psi or even 65

  • Disch—about 250-275# on a warm day about 80f

    Suction–about 75#

  • R22 Gauges

  • Yes and no. With out a novel here. Check it when its 70 outside. Your problem right now is you house is hotter inside than outside. And with it being that cool outside. Id say your probably fine. And yeah checking it in Feb is not a real good idea. But I see why you did it was 60 outside.

  • Apparently you have a set of Gauges to read your pressures, I presume. If you aren’t familiar with reading the numbers on the gauges I recommend going to a qualified service tech to get your proper information. I have a set of gauges in the garage and I know how to read them. its been several years since I used them. I no longer service air conditioners except my own. I only check the pressure on the low side, the gas side. the high side is considered the liguid side. The meaning full reading is the low side and if you read the inside numbers on the gauge, it represents the air temp at the floor register. If you want 55 deg air temp at the floor register then adj the pressure on the low side to corespond with that temp. 55 deg temp out of the register is about right, you can use a thermometer to check the air flow temp at the reg. If you look at your gauge, the outer number on the gauge is what should be to correspond to the 55 deg temp reading on the inside of the gauge face, hope this helps. I normally set the pressure to equate to 55 deg at the register.

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