what should i do about my boyfriend ?

it’s our one month today but idk if i should breakup with him or no.

why i shouldn’t :

1. i like him soooo much!!

2. he’s going to highschool camp w me, and i’ll be w him for 2 weeks if i breakup with him now

why i should:

1. i kinda have small feelings for another guy…

2. he doesn’t really do anything. he hugs me and he can’t hangout much

3. i don’t see him much

4. my friend asked if he’d be sad if i brokeup with him and he said “ya but it’s her decision”

honestly i’m so lost. please help

2 Answers

  • Well, for one, you didn’t really give any detail about WHY you like him. You rather gave MORE detail as to why you DON’T like him. Therefore, you should break up.

    1) You have feelings for somebody else, which means your eyes and your heart are already wandering elsewhere, and that’s not fair to your boyfriend.

    2) You guys have been dating for only a month. What else are you expecting him to do?

    3) Have you spoken to him about this concern?

    4) He’s right; it is your decision if you break up. You don’t want a guy that is overbearing or trying to control or manipulate you. However, I can see why his response is bothersome because it makes it seem like he’s easily abled to move on if the breakup happens. But again, it’s only been a month, so feelings are still developing.

    Break up.

  • Give it a little time I would

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