What should i do now that my probation is over?

I finished my probation yesterday but my P.O hasn’t contacted me yet. He said over the phone on Monday that he will mail me some documents and that I don’t have to come in or anything like that. I am too scared to smoke because I feel like it’s a trap and the second i smoke they’re going to knock on my door and ask for my urine. I have been on probation for 6 months and never been drug tested. Is there any legal way they can drug test me after my probation is over?

Edit: I have had a Job for the past 3 years, get good grades and have many friends so don’t advice me on my life choices. I just need some legal advice.

Edit: Thank you Nightrider. That answered my question.

2 Answers

  • What is happening now is the PO has sent paperwork to the Judge to remove you from probation. The Judge will sign it and send the packet to the Clerk of Courts who will stamp the document and enter it. Once it is stamped, it is now a legal document. Once it has been entered in the system (ledger entry), the PO will get two copies. One copy he places in your file to show it is done. The second copy is sent directly to you ( save this copy. It is your legal proof that probation has been successfully completed).

    Technically, you are considered on probation until you receive your papers stating your obligation is over. Due to the various steps involved, this usually takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks ( a smaller locality might have it in three).

    Once the PO sends his paperwork into the Judge, he is not going to contact you nor stop by your residence. He has enough to do with active cases. The decision of smoking or not is yours.

    Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

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