What should I do?

My best friend’s boyfriend hasn’t treated her as well as he could have in their relationship. In November, he blamed and accused her for jeopardising the relationship because she catfished him on a dating site that he is active on, plus a few other things. They live together and are still together.

Me and the boyfriend used to be good friends too, but I haven’t spoke to him in a very long time. I just don’t feel comfortable being friends with him anymore – but we haven’t spoke about it. I’m seeing him next weekend as he’s attending an event me and my friends are going to – and he knows I know what’s happened.

I don’t really know what to do really, I feel like such a burden. He’s just annoyed that he hasn’t seen me, without knowing why it seems. Do I just tell him that I don’t feel comfortable being friends with him if he asks?

Any advice would be helpful, I just don’t want to cause a scene or stress anybody out.

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