What should i expect for a Toys r us orientation?

I got called for an orientation tomorrow at toysrus and what should i expect from the orientation? is there going to be a whole bunch of other people there? do i have to bring my credentials with me like social security card, high school diploma? This will be my first job hopefully

-Thank you

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  • Well, when i had my orientation at walmart two summers ago it was me and four other people. We had to bring our bank statements for pay and our sincard.

    I dont think you would need a diploma. Ive got an interview tomorrow at another store so i guess i might be having an orientation soon too lol,

    but mine was very long like 8 hours but i dont think your would be that long. basically they tell you about your job, get to know rules and expectaions of company, little training then go home, oh and u get your schedule and find out ur pay.

  • fortunate for u..u won an orientation! i been waiting 3 weeks for mines and its constantly sum bull excuse it extremely is the on on forty second st cases sq.!!..good luck.. I been via all this bull in waiting i ust wish they save me after the vacations!!

  • More details required

  • Was wondering the same question

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