What should I pack to wear to Hawaii?

I’m Australian and I’m planning on going there next year, to meet my long distance American boyfriend, if international travel is legal by then, in the middle of next year.  What should I bring?  Are cotton, short sleeved maxi dresses appropriate to wear?  

3 Answers

  • What time of year are you going? Summer can be fairly hot and very humid. The weather is very nice in the winter- nicely warm. Yes, short-sleeved or sleeveless maxi/sun dresses are very appropriate. Most people dress fairly casually. Here are some pictures of people in Hawaii.


  • He lives there. Can’t you  ask him about the weather and climate. What you will be doing while you are there and what clothes will be needed and appropriate.

    Are you going to be hanging out on the beach, going to fancy restaurants, hiking up in the mountains?

  • Pack lightweight clothes, as it can get very hot and humid. If you plan on going up any of the mountains, bring a light jacket, like a hoodie.  A lightweight rain coat is also advisable.  I’ve been three times for work, and it truly is a magical place. 

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