What Should I Wear to my Lowe’s Orientation?

I was just hired at Lowe’s as a Head Cashier (supervisor) and I have my orientation tomorrow. When speaking with my boss he gave my no idea of what I would be doing at orientation, nor have I been provided a uniform, so I have no idea what to wear. Normally I wouldn’t have a hard time deciding but… I’m 6 months pregnant and they have no clue :/ I managed to camouflage it really well through my interviews, they never asked me if I was pregnant, nor will it keep my from doing anything listed in my job description, but I’d like to keep it to myself until I’ve had a chance to prove myself as a worthy employee.

So I would love to know what I should wear, if you’ve ever worked at Lowe’s and know what goes on in their orientation and what they’re expecting I would really appreciate your input! 🙂


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  • I’m a head cashier at Lowe’s. There is no uniform, just a red vest or apron that they supply. There is a dress code but, you’ll be safe with blue jeans and a nice t-shirt or a button down shirt. Your HR guy will give you what you need to know about the dress code. Heads up, though. Go to Wal-Mart and get a pair of Dr Scholl’s $25 shoes. Then go to Walgreens and get some of their name brand insoles for active women. They’re gray & don’t go all the way to the toes. If you don’t have proper foot wear, your dogs will feel like they’re dying. They’ll still hurt for a few weeks & then they’ll start feeling better. Pack Advil. I buy the Wal-Mart version.

    For the first few days, you’ll spend a lot of time in the training room, watching videos and taking tests. It is a very physically demanding job. You’ll do lifting, walking, twisting, walking, crouching, walking. Did I mention that you’ll be doing a lot of walking? Oh, and sweating. I would not want to do my job while pregnant. I also wouldn’t want to tell my employer that I need 6 weeks off, less than three months after they spent all that time and money on training me. But I wish you the best. I enjoy my job very much.

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  • Don’t work for Lowe’s…but khaki pants with a white shirt always looks sharp. Would fit in well in any setting. Good luck with your job!

  • Everyone generally wears a nice t-shirt, blue jeans and clean athletic shoes. When in Rome…

  • They should have told you. If not dress up.Collared shirt & dress pants! Congrats!!

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