What should the average clothes size of a 13 year old girl be?

im thirteen and im a size 8 at the moment, but all my friends are size 10s and 12s. what size clothes are most thirteen year old girls? thanks x

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  • Clothing size doesn’t go by age, but height and weight and healthy BMI. A healthy, average clothing size for a 13-year-old will vary, depending on how tall she is and what kind of build she has. Most people will fall in between a size 8 and a size 14 – which is why it is so hard to find these sizes on sale!

  • All denims Sizes Are distinctive In Differet shops. U choose 2 try each and every little thing On From A length 10 To A length 14 the size would not depend, Its What seems And Feels sturdy That Counts. I truthfully have An HourGlass discern meaning My Waist Is Tiny and that i Used 2 Hav issues Findin denims Bcos I in no way choose 2 pass Over A length 10. yet as quickly as I Did, Th greater and greater helpful installation Sizes Made Me seem Slimmer =] additionally shop around…Dorothy Perkins denims consistently artwork For Me desire This helps X

  • Im 13 and size 6/8 tops, and size 8/10 jeans depending on how tight they are, but my friend is a size 12/14 so it doesnt matter. She’s a perfectly healthy weight, too but shes really tall.

  • Well I am 13 years old, and I am size 6 I know you think I am showing of about my “small size” but I am not comfortable with being small!! I would rather be at least an 8-10!!

  • Im 13 and im size 1 or 3 and pants, and size small and extra small in tops.

    But, size varies. MY friend is a size 7/8 in juniors and medium/large in tops and shes healthy.

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  • Your height, weight, and body type will determine what size clothing you wear – not your age.

  • yeah im 13 years old and size eight.

    we’re alright. we’re average size.

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