What song is this!!?

It was around 1997 ish, really base’y song dance tune, only lyrics i can remember are what sounded like

“Sugar daddy rescue me”

“Sugar daddy comfort me”

“Sugar Daddio” (repeated)

Maybe not in this order, but i loved the song and im sure it had the word “gun” in the title!!


9 Answers

  • CJ Bolland? Sugar is Sweeter?

    sugar daddy, come on and sugar me

    I want your lovin’ so come on and give it to me

    sugar daddy, sugar daddy oh

    look at me I’m begging for more more more….

    Sugar daddy set me free.

    Sugar daddy come for me.

    Uh-huh come on and sugar Now

  • Sugar Daddy Set Me Free

  • https://shorturl.im/av6BU

    I don`t wanna think about you__simple plan White wedding__murderdolls This song is not hardcore Macy`s day parade__green day great song

  • Tori Amos – Professional Widow

  • tthe person who said cj bolland is correct its off the album

    analogue theatreThe song is suger is sweeter and do you

    remember the prodigy track poison/remedy its got the same


  • I would try http://www.searchlyrics.org/ it allows for search by lyrics. sounds like a Mariah Carey song to me.

  • sugar is sweeter by cj bolland.

    the armand van helden mix rocks!!!

    you can find this on ministry of sound the annual II disc 1

  • I don’t now what song that is i wish i now.

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