What state is the area code 433 for?

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  • it does not exist

    443 is Baltimore Md.

  • 433 Area Code

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  • That’s an interesting question because I looked it up a minute ago and it said it’s for Alexandria-Arlington, Vermont. There has been many complaints of people receiving phone calls from that area code–such as them calling over and over again and never answering when you pick up and never leaving messages.

  • 309

    Exchange – NXX 433

    Country US

    State Illinois


    County Name MCLEAN

    Latitude 40.48

    Longitude -88.99

    LATA 366

    Timezone -6

    Day Light Saving 1

    County Population 150000

    FIPS 17113

    MSA 1040

    PMSA 1040

    CBSA 14060

    ZIP Code 61701

    OCN 1015

    Company Name VERIZON NORTH INC. – IL

    Rate Center BLOOMINGTN

    Switch Center CLLI BLTNILXNDS0

    Rate Center Horizontal 3484

    Rate Center Vertical 6352

  • just got a 433 from Slovakia! what’s going on??

  • Baltimore, Maryland.

    Source(s): Google
  • 443 MD -5 E Maryland: Baltimore, Annapolis, Chesapeake Bay area, Ocean City (overlaid on 410)

    check out this link it tells you all of the area codes


  • Maryland

  • 434 is vιʀԍιɴa couldn’t find 433 anywhere

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