what taste good mixed with Bacardi Limon?

my friend said he mixed 6 ounces of mikes lemonade and 3 ounces and bacardi limon, i tried it, not bad. what else mixes good with it?

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  • I tended bar for a private party this past summer. The lady giving the party had a bunch of Bacardi Lemon. Suggesting a cocktail menu based upon the theme of the party is an integral part of our service at http://labarman.com./ I suggested these to her:


    1 – 1/2 oz Bacardi Lemon

    fill with iced tea

    Lemon Squeeze

    Gator Piss

    1 oz Bacardi Lemon

    2 oz Midori

    fill with sweet and sour mix

    Caribe Cosmopolitan

    1 1/2 oz Bacardi Lemon

    1 oz cranberry juice

    1 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau

    Squeeze of Lime

    Beach Bum

    2 oz Bacardi Lemon

    1 part orange juice

    1 part Sprite or 7 Up

    Lemon Delight

    1 oz. Bacardi Lemon

    Sunny Delight

    The Gator Piss, Beach Bum, and the Caribe Cosmopolitan were the hits of the night.

    Hope you enjoy.

  • Lemon Bacardi

  • Try a drink with one part Limon rum and 4 parts lemon-lime soda.

    Or A Limon Cosmopolitan: 4 Parts Limon Rum, 1 Part Lime Juice, 2 Parts Triple Sec and 1/2 Part Cranberry juice

    Or even a simple mojito with a lime twist! 1 1/2 oz Limon rum, 12 fresh spearmint leaves, 1/2 lime sliced in half (muddle mint and lime in glass) add 2 tbsp of simple syrup (or 4tsp of regular sugar) fill cup to brim with ice and top off with club soda.

    Hope these help, enjoy!

  • i have served Red Bull with Bacardi Limon and it was very good.


  • If you add three whole chickens and a cow stuffed in its feet it tends to taste good.

  • you can try single lime,lemonade&bacardi…..

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