What the heck could be in Tim Horton’s coffee that gets me so sick?

I’m a coffee drinker. I make my own in the morning at home, take it work, etc. I don’t over do it, I usually only have two cups in the morning. In the afternoon, I’ve been getting a cup of Tim Horton’s, and within an hour, my stomach hurts and starts making some serious noises, like there’s an alien in there! Why? Does anyone else have this problem??

I’m done drinking it, since I feel lousy if I do. BUt I’m still curious as to what it could be!

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  • could be the type of cream, if you are used to low-fat milk in your coffee at home/office then you switch over to high fat heavy cream at a coffee shop…spells out trouble! I have the same problem. I ask for my coffee with low-fat milk and my tummy is just fine now. Kinda stinks though, can’t get an iced capp because of the creamer too! Maybe that will help, the only way to know if that’s your problem too is to try a cup with the milk and see if it works for ya. =)

  • They use 18% cream you could be a bit lactose intolerant, as for added agents, then others would be having the same issues, I myself do not like Tim Hortons coffee, and we 8 here and 9 th on its way.

    I try to stay away from it because of the sugar, and fat in the cream and there coffee has no real taste with just milk.

  • You didn’t go to the right one in Ontario!! I agree the coffee has changed and is strong. The donuts have gotten smaller and cost more but it is rare that we ever eat them. We just go in with friends and enjoy time together. Gotta love Timmy’s!! For the person who didn’t know about Tim’s. Tim Horton was a hockey star who died in a car accident here in Ontario near where we live. It is a Canadian company but is expanding to the states. There is one a block away from our son who is thrilled to bits. He has to have his daily Tim’s.

  • I have that problem too if they put cream in it. The Tim’s in my town used to have a real idiot working and I’d ask for milk in my coffee, she’d put cream and I’d know it half way through the cup because my tummy would be doing flips. Ever since they fired that girl and I get milk when I ask for it, no problems.

    They make Iced caps with 2% milk if you ask them to. Even chocolate milk if your heart desires…

  • I’m not familiar with the brand but if they are adding any kind of milk to the coffee you could be lactose intolerant. Sometimes when the milk is mixed with warm drinks it seems to activate a horrible reaction within our bodies (trust me I know….I am lactose intolerant) If they offer soy milk try that and see if it makes any difference. If not their coffee just might not work well with your body….

  • I have the same problem, and I drink my coffee black. Strange thing, but when I buy their small packages of coffee to drink at home, it does not make me sick, but when I drink it in the store it makes me very nauseated with stomach pain too. I recently bought a large can of Tim Horton’s coffee at Costco. It makes me very nauseated with stomach pain. What the heck? I know there must be something else in their coffee sometimes, to cause this effect. No more Timmy’s for me.

  • My stomach hurts every time I drink this coffee. I can t tolerate it any more. I get mine black. Yuck!! I stay far away from it. I enjoy Mc Donalds coffee.

  • could be a diaretic. or maybe some hyper digestive agent.

    …try having a meal before. you should always have food in your stomach when you drink coffee.

  • ????

    I had to read this several times

    I would recommend switching instant coffee Many gourmet verities of Instant coffee are available.

    Make a cup at a time

  • maybe your allergic to something they make near the coffee stand check it out so you wont have this problem again.

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