What things are black and yellow?

What are some things that are black and yellow?

Like a bumble bee.

Stuff like that.


8 Answers

  • Batman

    caution sings

    a snake


    Monarca's butterfly

    Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey

    a sunflower

    etc. hope it helps and ... why is that cuestion for? homework?

  • Black And Yellow Things

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    Pittsburgh steerlers? Bumble bee, my high school colors

  • some cabs and buses, yellow jacket, tiger swallowtail butterfly

  • some peoples teeth

  • a tiger a bumble bee ... yes a sunflower...


    charlie brown's ugly sweater...

    ummmmmmmm... ok thats all i can think of your on your own kid!

  • a banana 😀


  • me

    (i'm black and asian)

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