What three components make up an example paragraph?

What three components make up an example paragraph?

A. The example, the illustration, and the topic sentence B. The topic sentence, the body with supporting sentences, and the clincher sentence C. An example, a clincher sentence, and supporting sentences D. A topic sentence, an illustration, and a clincher sentence


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to inquire and to explain



i shouldnt have to explain

Example 1: when the video first begin "the ball had potential energy and when the ball swung and hit it that potential energy turned into kinetic energy."

Example 2: As the video moves on and the two pillars crashed down it caused another ball to move, at first the "ball had potential energy because it was not moving then when the ramp went down it caused the ball to gain kinetic energy."

Example 3: At the end of the video the ball push down a row of wooden blocks then lead to it hitting a "bowling ball across the finish line even though the ball moved slowly and not far it still came from potential energy into kinetic energy."


how much should I write?


The guy copy and pasted it from answer from 2018 just so you know




Yоu cаn dоwnlоаd thе аnswеr hеrе


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