What to charge for photoshoots?


I am trying to figure out what a good price is for photoshoots. Can photographers please list what they charge for the following shoots:



Aerial Photos (aerialists/cirque artists)

Indoor rain photoshoots

Family photos

Outdoor photos


4 Answers

  • Are you a newbie or an experienced photographer with plenty of experience, skills, talents, knowledge and training with at least 2 camera bodies, an array of lenses and equipment needed to meet the challenges?

    IF you’re a newbie, you have no business even thinking of charging while you’re learning.

    IF you’re an experienced, skilled, talented, knowledgeable and trained photographer with all the camera gear and photography equipment needed to meet the challenges, then you have no business asking since you would or SHOULD already know.

  • If you have to ask, you most likely are not ready to charge!

  • How hungry are you?

  • Seven. No more, no less.

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