What to do if kids at your national day celebrations harrass you?

Run home? Have a calm discussion with someone you know about your harassment problem? Taking comfort in realizing that the parents of the unruly kids are at their loss without knowing?

It was July 1st, 2013. My memory’s a little rustic because it’s searching for lost memories that can eventually be found. I was at the baseball diamond in the lovely native town I live in around the woods of Northern Ontario minding my own business without knowing when a bunch of these kids kept perversing me by saying harrassing things like “Play tag. Play tag”. 

Those kids were stupidly hiding a bunch of words and by play tag i meant it felt like they said “We have come here for you to be harrassed by us and having our innoncence get adults into trouble for fun”. I knew what was what and how much trouble i’d be in. I’d not blame the kids. I’d blame these embittered parents for running families like democracies. People repeatedly warn others their own age that parenting isn’t a democracy and when it was, look what happened. It was their tracking dirt into my brain because of a disability bias.

Nobody should have to deal with that on Independence Day or any other national days that occur in any other country. Canada Day is like us a polite and sincere holiday. Letting kids loose to attack adults they don’t know on Canada Day is not polite. Perversion is also a thing that is not polite either. It’s bad mojo. People cannot be the same every year. I’m just glad that past is over.

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