What to do if you realizes you are being pushed out on probation at a new job?

My supervisor and senior coworkers do not tell me directly if I am doing something wrong, instead there’re discussions and whispering going on in the office. There’s a work that they have been discussing for hours, and then one of them asked me something from that pile of papers, I look at it and I don’t recognize it, and then I look at the signature at the front page to see whose signature it was. It wasn’t mine. I do not know if they trust me, but they never discussed with me directly. Never even seem to investigate the signature or ask first. Was it because I’m new that’s why they assume if something’s wrong it’s my doing? They discussed within themselves and I have no way to insert myself into the discussion to even refute them or defend myself. I do not know how to counter this. Is there something I can do to make counter or turn around the situation? 

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