What to say when someone asks you what you wanna talk about ?

Me & My boyfriend like eachother alot, but we don't know what to talk about a lot. so towards the end of almost all our conversations, when we both don't know what to say, he always asks me"'So what do you wanna talk abouut ?" And i always say whatever you want, but he doesnt know either and it ends up in 21 questions every timme. xP What should i say next time ?

5 Answers

  • Let's stop worrying about talking and do something.......

  • Ask serious questions like about his future and his passions and his feelings. Talk about things you really are interested in, or else you will be stuck in a one sided conversation.

  • Put ypur lips to his and he cant ask any questions then !

  • "lets talk about our future my love"

    "What are your plans in life"

    "a favorite song"

  • well, whats on your mind when you talk to him? (besides him ;)) music, sports, ect.


    good luck!

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