What unit is vertical distance measured in on a treadmill?

The treadmills at my gym have an option to run on a desired incline. I get the concept of measuring the vertical distance, but it gives no unit of measurement. My time is measured in minutes, my distance in miles, my calories per hour, etc. But vertical distance is just a number. Anyone know?

I get the fact that it makes me work harder as I am running up an artificial hill. My question is, what is the unit of measurement for the data the treadmill gives. For example, at the end of my workout, it says “Vertical Distance: 88” 88 what? 88 feet? 88 Km? 88 bananas? Everything else on the machine has a defined measurement except this. Just seems odd.

2 Answers

  • When you increase the angle of the treadmill you are still traveling the same distance (miles). You will just burn more calories because your body will be working harder.

  • Miles

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