What was 23 hours ago from now?

Rigth now it is 5:52 pm

What was 23 hours ago from this time??

Long explanation:P

6 Answers

  • 6:52.

    days are 24 hours long. 23 hours is 1 hour short of a full day, so just add one hour

  • What Is 23 Hours

  • for example: theres 24 hours in a day is like 1:00 in the morning to the next day at 1:00 meaning 24 hours is a whole day until the next day (1:00 in the morning threw the entire day to the next day, of 1:00) is 24 hours and 24 hours (is from 12:00 midnight to the next day afterwards)

    What is 23 hours from now you ask??: its the time and hour before 12:00 midnight (and whichever you're time zone and time in general is, and works) is basically what 23 hours is (is what 23 hours from now means)

  • Is at 7:56

  • 6:52 pm yesterday!

  • Who cares? Thats a stupid question

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