what was the result of the battle of britain?

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  • the battle of Britain was ww II.. Hitler tried to bomb the brits into submission so he could land troops on the island.. didn’t work, was in England last summer, they still speak english..

    Germany lost

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    what was the result of the battle of britain?

  • The Truth of the Matter…it was the First Time

    that the Nazi’s came up against an Enemy that

    actually had a Modern Air Force with Pilots that

    were far better than theirs…with better tactics…

    Up until that time they had over run countries that

    were still using Horse Drawn Guns and Calvary…

    With Mechinized Infantry/Tanks and Modern Planes…

    They got their a**es handed to them…by the Brits…

    Something we seem to have forgotten is…

    A Man will fight harder against an invading Force

    then the Attacker will, just by the mere fact that it is

    “His Country” you are invading…

    They will NEVER give up…

  • Britain had maintained control of its airspace, which allowed for an efficient defence of Britain in the case of a German invasion. This consequently led to their being no invasion as it would be to difficult.

  • Germany was unable to gain supremacy in the air which meant they could not invade Britain.

  • The Germans were about to launch an invasion, and needed control of the skies.

    They failed, and the invasion never happened.

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