What was your first period like?

Because my belly is killing me

5 Answers

  • I laid on my mom’s bed in agonizing pain for two days. Two ibuprofin, and a hot pad over your stomach usually helps

  • My stomach felt horrible a day before. I couldn’t hardly talk. It’s normal and it did improve. 🙂

  • Stop moaning and get back in the kitchen you tool.

  • Pretty uneventful and boring. It lasted a few days, and was light and painless.

    It’s very rare to get period pain before your first period, and rare to get pain during it.

    You probably have an upset tummy.

  • Get MSM (organic sulphur) and drink it 3x a day (2 teaspoons in a glas of water). your pain should go away and it’s good for your body. your parents can use it, too – it is almost more important for them.

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