What were the key factors that made the wright brothers’ wind tunnel a useful tool for wing design?

what were the key factors that made Fill in the Blank Chapter 2: Model Building and Gains from Trade Page 30 2.1. How do econ


Answer :- correct option are :-

(2) Enable independent control of each key variable .

(3) allowed measurement of wing performance .

Wind tunnel tests are used to measure pressures and velocity around the plane . Wind tunnel is used to replicate the action of flying plane in the air , whether it's going to fly or not .

* Incorrect one

(1) include an element of unpredictability.

(4) could be used without prior knowledge of aerodynamics .

Wright brothers tested wind tunnel which was more complicated that from earlier one which was small in comparison in Oct 1901 . To carry out aerodynamics research that was essential for designing of aeroplane they made it in 1903.

Answer:- Economists study how the people uses limited resources such as land ,labour,machinery ,raw materials to produce a goods and services . They analyse ,research ,collect data , monitor economic trends and predict future events .

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