what will be effects of Saturn and mars conjunction in my horoscope ?

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  • Saturn restricts, Mars is about taking action.

    When Natal Saturn is conjunct Natal Mars, the person either has good self-discipiine about how they react to their desires, how they assert themselves, and this sets the stage for their action being effective.

    HOWEVER, if Mars and/or Saturn also has opposition or square aspects from other planets, then this Mars-Saturn conjunction may, instead indicate that fear or doubt interferes with your ability to take action in ways that your efforts pay out.  Often, the person takes action when it is actually the time to be patient and wait … and they hesitate out of fear when it IS the right time to take action.  Either way, they don’t succeed in their endeavours because their sense of timing is “off”.  This CAN be learned and overcome. 

    BUT understand that all the chart shows are psychological tendencies that will become your reality UNLESS you change and grow.  Nothing is fated in life, and evcen karmas can be changed (not once a karma has ripened, but BEFORE it ripens you can “rewrite” that karma).

  • Ahh yes, I know this one. The effects will be, you will be looking for a new place to ask your questions.

  • Planets have NOTHING to do with your life.

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