what would happen if you injected rubbing alcohol into your veins or through a PICC line?

I assume it would not kill you, say, within 24 hours because the person who accidentally did it, is not dead… any better answers?

I guess I should’ve said it was only 1 or 2 CCs.

Thanks for the answers… to add… not playing around, not trying to ask to see if it would be a good high, not trying to kill anyone or anything like that… I don’t even drink alcohol or take drugs and hate even taking prescription drugs, as does she. she was superdrowsy and out of it, because she had just taken phenergan for her nausea, and mistakenly did it… I wish she wasn’t on any kind of medicine because it is affecting her in many ways… and then this happens… she is ok though… thanks Sydney for the concern… give my regards to Jack …

12 Answers

  • Rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol or propan-2-ol, does not give you the same effect as ethanol (the alcohol found in drinks). In fact, it is a deadly poison. Some types of rubbing alcohol are made with denatured ethanol, which consists of ethanol and added chemicals which render it unsafe for consumption. Some may give a very bitter taste and odor, while others could lead to permenant blindness. Rubbing alcohol, of any type, should never be consumed or injected.

  • Inject Alcohol Into Veins

  • Holy Cow buddy why are you asking that??? Well it dont belong in your system period. i fyou inject booze and you are careful of the amount you may get a quick buzz but rubbing alcohol Wow i think you would get heated up and again depending on how much you did inject you would do terrific damage to your organs Liver, Heart, Brain. And then i guess you would die depending on the amount of course. Not a pleasent thought. Are you tryiing out to be a torture expert down on our base in Cuba?? Or do you want to dust your little brother? Get this crap out of your noggin even if yur playing around bad karma.

  • You would probably die. It would be a really dumb thing to do. It doesn’t matter if somebody else did it and didn’t die. I know of people who have been been shot in the head with pistols and shotguns and they’re still alive. It doesn’t mean it’s good idea.

  • injecting alcohol into your veins i assume you mean the kind you drink will have the same results as drinking it. i have a suggestion. if you get an enema bag fill it with alcohol and the give yourself an alcohol enema, you get drunk faster than putting a needle in your veins.

  • Rubbing alcohol is not meant to be injected into your body. You would die.

  • Here’s a better idea. Take a Dewalt drill and drill a hole into your forehead.

  • Apparently nothing. You would make a good KGB agent though.

  • “because the person who accidentally did it, is not dead?” If you know someone who did this, make sure they seek immediate medical attention. Yahoo Answers is not a substitute.

  • and the he’d better die and releive the surplus population. -Ebenezer Scrooge please remember to be an organ donor first although I seriously doubt they would be of any use The first intolerable sin against God is the wasting of one’s own life

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