What would happen in this NFL game scenario?

Lets say its a playoff game, and last few seconds on the clock, the losing team has it at the 50, and with 5 secs they make a pass to a wide open receiver and as he is sprinting down, a big enough fan runs into the field and trips up the receiver and the game finishes. Will there be an automatic td or will the play be replayed? 🤔

4 Answers

  • A referee would have to make a judgement call.

  • The fan would get his *** beat before he got to the field. But even if he did get to the field I’m sure a professional athlete can dodge a 300 pound drunk guy…or run over him.

  • likely wouldn’t replay the down. They’d likely blow the play dead and mark off a 15 yard penalty, while giving them one more untimed down.

  • No, the receiver would get credit for a touchdown, same as if a player or coach came off the bench.

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