What would you lWhat technology do scientists use to measure ocean depth?ike to ask?





3 Answers

  • Sonar.

    Do you need a reason?

  • SONAR for a rough idea of water depth.

    To be very accurate you need to a few things. What is the Sound Speed Structure of the water column, this can be measured by a bathyeothermoeograph, or sonic velocimeter probe (Sound Speed can vary from 4800-5100 fps through the depths.). After this immediately use sonar to determine the time it takes the sound to travel to and from the bottom. Merge this with the varying Sound Speeds through the depths to determine a very accurate distance. Not using the proper sound speed can cause substantial error of over 10%.

    This is the best, and most reliable.

    Ropes will drift with current and cause error based on the sin of Current speed to depth

    Laser: Electromagenetic Energy (which includes light) can only be used to certain depth, but when available, is prescise.

    Submersible: Depth is measured by pressure, variables such as salinty and temperature will effect pressure to depth based on heavier or lighter water and cannot readily be measure through the whole water column easily to account for the variables.

  • Sonar(SOund NAvagation And Ranging)

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