Whatever happened to the Life of Virgina insurance company?

Or, Life Insurance Company of Virgina?

I cant even find anything about it on Google.

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  • It’s now Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company.

    Mailing Address: 6610 West Broad Street

    Richmond VA 23230

    Office Number: (804)662-2400

    Toll Free Number:

    Fax Number: (804)662-7858

  • 1. It does not stay at $10 per month for 35 years. Either the insurance ends or the price goes up. If you live to 85, then either: a) you pay more than $10 per month in the later years (and more than $4200 total) or b) the insurance ends and you have no insurance when you get to 85, so they pay nothing when you die (but they still keep the money you paid earlier). Although it is definite that you will die, it is not definite (or likely) that you will still have the life insurance when you die. 2. They invest the money well. Each $1 that you put into the insurance now because several dollars that they have later to use to pay you when you die, because they earned money investing it.

  • The Genworth Story

    Since writing our first policy in 1871 as The Life Insurance Company of Virginia …

  • Life Of Virginia

  • I believe AIG owns it. Insurance companies generally don’t “go out of business.” They’re usually absorbed into other companies.

    And, I believe it’s a different company than what Genworth used to be called in 1871. Life of Virginia used to underwrite one of our travel policies we sold and underneath the name it said “An AIG Company.” It might have been sold, but not sure… Plus, lots of insurance companies have similar names. I believe there are three companies that have “Lincoln” in the name and none of them are related.

  • There are several companies named “Life of Virginia”. I am not sure which one you mean. Here are two examples:

    Life of Virginia

    201 Plaza Drive

    Greenville, NC 27858-6714

    (252) 321-4040

    Life Of Virginia

    1760 Bass Road # 101

    Macon, GA 31210-1062

    (478) 477-9250

  • They went out of business long ago

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