whats a good comeback when someone says you have nice ҍօ.օҍs?

11 Answers

  • "Thanks; so do you" and walk away.

  • They only play with nice guys.

  • That's a compliment, so smile and say "Thanks".

    You can be sarcastic and say, "they make a nice pillow too"

  • Really who says that, Randy on the curb?

  • "Coming from another ҍօ.օҍ like you, that's a real compliment."

  • yeah, like afreiman said.

  • I second afreiman's answer lol

  • How rude of you to notice.

  • thank you

    its a compliment dumbass, not an insult

  • "Thanks, so do you."

    @afreimann....thanks for the laugh! Good one!

  • "thanks. I like them, too."

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