What’s a “silk” poster?

I just placed a bid on a poster on ebay, but it says:

Prints Poster (Material: Silk Fabric Cloth)

Is it different than a regular poster or the same? I’m confused lol

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  • I recently saw a silk picture at a show I attended for homewares. If it really is true silk then it’s handmade on a loom. They can look amazing. They have a really nice shine to them.

    I hope it’s a real one because if it’s just a poster then that just won’t cut it. The pictures that I saw were worth hundreds of dollars and the big ones were over $1000.

    I would love to have one but can’t afford it.

    What was the item description on ebay? I can check it out for you and let you know what I think.

    Which ebay, USA, Canada, UK?

    Here is a link where you can buy real hand woven silk art: http://www.kingsilkart.com/

  • Silk Poster

  • They use a silk cloth instead of paper. Here are a bunch of silk posters on Amazon:


    Surprisingly, they’re not that much more expensive than regular posters.

  • A poster printed on silk fabric

    Source(s): Your description
  • looking at a silk poster now, i know its not real silk but i was wondering how i could stick it to my wall??

  • The one with the kitten hanging by it’s claws from the end of a knotted rope. The caption says “Hang in there, Baby!”

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