whats better oakley fuel cells or gascan?

i’m looking to get new sunglasses but i can’t decide between fuel cells or gascan. Help

6 Answers

  • as @Levi states, it’s about size.

    Gascans and Fuel cells look similar, but there is a dramatic size difference. The gascan is for medium heads while the Fuel cell is much larger, fitting large heads.

    Gascans are also VERY common. They’re one of Oakley’s best selling sunglasses and frankly, they’re a bit cliche. There are tons of fake gascans out there so at first glance, you can never tell if someone is wearing a real or fake pair.

    If your head is big enough, go with the fuel cell. If the fuel cell is too big, go with the gascan.



  • Fuel cells

  • i defiantly like the look of the fuel fells over the gascan, but the gascan’s are smaller than the fuelcells.

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  • they are both awesome really

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