What’s in a California Spring roll?

Sushi-is there creme cheese in this roll?

what’s in most sushi pieces?

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  • Some people put cream chese in California roll. Most don’t.

    If you make your own sushi you can put whatever you want. Design your own.

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    What’s in a California Spring roll?

    Sushi-is there creme cheese in this roll?

    what’s in most sushi pieces?

  • The California roll is a maki-zushi (roll), a kind of sushi, usually made inside-out, containing cucumber, imitation crab stick, and avocado. Sometimes crab salad is substituted for the crab stick, and often the outer layer of rice (in an inside-out roll) is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds or tobiko.

    Must-Haves: Without these you don’t have sushi.

    Nori: This is what makes sushi sushi. It’s seaweed but don’t think about that. It comes in square sheets. I suggest starting off with a whole or 3/4 sheet for each roll. With practice you should be able to get it down to 1/2 sheet per roll.

    Rice: Short grained and short grained only please. It’s not always easy to find but short grain rice does exist. It can either be called sushi rice or short grain rice.

    Sushi Vinegar: You can make this yourself but it’s much easier to buy a bottle that says “Sushi Vinegar”.

    Sauces: To enchance your sushi expierence.

    Soy Sauce: For dipping your sushi pieces in. Eating sushi without soy sauce is like french fries without ketchup, it can be done but…eeew!

    Wasabi: Mixing a bit of this in your dipping soy sauce gives it a kick of flavor and spice.

    Spicy Sauce

    Any vegetables like: carrot, avocado, cucumber.

    Sesame seeds

    Salmon, Shrimp, Crab, Eel,Octopus, etc.

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  • California rolls contain rice, cucumber, avocado, crab, all rolled up in Nori (seaweed)

    Sushi in general usually contains fish of some kind, either raw or cooked, or in egg form. Vegtables of some kind, cucumber, avocado, carrots, pickled ginger, cabbage. Rice, of course, and usually Nori.

    A lot of sushi places have a take-out menu, go find one and check it out! Happy Sushi-ing!

  • california spring roll

  • california roll: Usually has imitation crab,avacado,slice of either cucumber or carrot

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