Whats the best angle to shoot myself in the head?

– I’m a 23 year old male in the U.S. Army (E-4) on my second yearlong deployment to Iraq. My ex-fiance has cheated on me twice both times I had conclusive evidence on (i.e. pictures, phone records). I confronted her about and she confessed to it. Its been 6 months since the most previous affair. She says she regrets it fully and wants me back and cries everytime I tell her over the phone how much it hurt me.

– Also this year I was physically assaulted by a fellow soldier of mine after getting into a verbal argument over work. I did not fight back. He struck me in the face several times leaving bruises.

-I will be recieving a field grade article 15 here in a few days for losing a sensitive item on base (GPS device). It was after going nearly 24 hours with no sleep, during a very fast operating tempo period.

– Theres only 3 weeks left in this deployment, and I have 2 months before I ETS. I have no money saved and I’m in a financial wreck. The army is going to leave me with no money and no rank. I’ll be going home completely ashamed as an E-1 after 4 years active, while my younger brother is an E-4 with 2 years in the national guard. I cannot live like this, with this shame, hurt, and harship.

—Please I don’t want any sympathy, I dont’t want to hear things like ‘you need to talk to someone” or “you should go seek mental health” or “killing yourself is stupid, you have too much too live for” or “think about your family”.

-Bottom line, I don’t want to live. You all can have this world, I just want to go to sleep, I’m tired of life. What is the best angle to aim for at me head with a 9mm berreta to ensure instant death. I don’t wanna just end up paralyzing myself and living as a vegetable for the rest of my life. Side of the temple? Behind the skull? Maybe directly in front?

P.S. The fact that I explained all my problems doesn’t mean I’m “calling for help” nor does it mean I have not yet decided to do this. Any responese trying to convince me not to do this will be in vain.

Thank you all.

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  • If you are serious and have thought about this properly… Then aim straight behind the head for the cerebellum and spinal cord, it can be easier to get someone else to do this for you or at the temple aiming slightly towards the back of your head so it destroys am much brain mass as possible.

    I feel for you and wish you the best in whatever path you take.

  • Shoot Myself

  • Let me apologise in advance for the flippant tone of this…

    Your situation sucks. So much. Really.

    However, lots of people (esp at the moment) are in terrible situations, families losing their homes and being homeless with kids, people being fired from their jobs, people losing their whole family in accidents…I won’t go into a schmaltzy monologue but every day, people deal with situations that suck, big time.

    I sympathise with your feelings. You are under a lot of strain and have been through some awful things, but I know that every time I have felt terrible about something, that the feeling will pass…even if it takes years and you will be happy again.

    I am probably not the best person to answer this but saw it and wanted to try and help in some way.

    To conclude, don’t be annoyed with me but no matter what happens things always get better, even when it seems like they wont.

    Why not have a clear out of your life, starting with your crappy girlfriend?! Get a new job, move city, new hobby? xx

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Whats the best angle to shoot myself in the head?

    – I’m a 23 year old male in the U.S. Army (E-4) on my second yearlong deployment to Iraq. My ex-fiance has cheated on me twice both times I had conclusive evidence on (i.e. pictures, phone records). I confronted her about and she confessed to it. Its been 6 months since the most previous…

  • i shot myself , but it didn’t work… i didn’t die instantly … a few months ago i planned to kill myself so i gathered everyone around the house with an announcement and gave them a long, hard speech about how life was hard for me and all they did was laugh . i started crying and pulled the gun from behind my back and shot myself on the side of my brain. i touched my head and i was bleeding, wondering why i wasn’t dead. my parents called an ambulance and now I’m back in my same boring ,depressing life again. its sucks to still be alive. I’m suggesting to just not shoot your self in the head from the side .

  • I’d say move away. Just disappear. Move to another country where you’d be inconspicuous, you can be a bum on the street, anything that will allow you time to get away from everything & think about you situation free of distraction or pressure. When you’re done then you re-think how much you really can’t stand living. Start a new life. Change your name/appearance if you want to. I did this by quiting two jobs, selling my car, and moving out of my apartment and moving out of my apartment in the Wash, DC area to Central America. It’s not hard to do.

  • Your situation is awful, and I honestly don t blame you for wanting to leave. I hope your death is painless and that you can finally be at peace.

    Jenny Lu recommended in her (now banned) video “Seven basic methods to commit suicide” to put the gun in your mouth and aim slightly upward to shoot the brainstem. “Remember that the target is the brainstem”. Preferably the shot will disconnect the brain from the body by severing the brainstem. For best results, use something like a lot of power and spread, like a shotgun.

    Best of luck, we love you.

  • I thank about killing myself daily. I sleep with a 9mm beside my bed. Honestly I don’t know why I haven’t done it. When I thank about doing it I thank about my nephew. He’s 2 and half. I always see him in my head coming to my house and asking my sister where I’m at and why can’t he see me. I always thank about the mental stress I’d put others through. That’s the problem, we worry about everybody else. That’s why we are in the situation we are in. Honestly I can’t tell you not to kill yourself because I thank about it all the time but just remember your not alone. Just thank before you do it.

  • Shooting thru the mouth is not usually successful. Aim from the side with a larger caliber weapon. Hang in there little buddy.

  • Put a shotgun to your temple and pull the trigger (probably point a little towards the back). I ve nothing to say, because this is your choice and I don t know why I haven t yet.

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  1. Wow I really came here to get the same answerits a shot in the dark if you’ll die or not. But there some real suggestions here I really never thought picking up and leaving my current life


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