Whats the cheapest / easiest way to dispose of tree branches?

I have a huge pile of branches thats been piling up for a long time in my back yard. I want to get rid of them, but there are too many to cut down and bag up, and I don’t know how esle to get rid of them. I could get a dumpster dropped off at my house, but that would be too expensive, and I don’t want to just throw them in the woods somewhere because I live in the city. Help!

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  • Check with your city to see if they have a curbside wood recycling program. Many cities do — how it works; the branches must be cut into 4 foot bundles, tied out, and set out for pickup. This is usually free BUT does take time.

    Another option is to rent a chipper – the rates range from $45-75 for a two hour rental, but its a super easy way to get rid of the wood and end up with a bunch of mulch for your vegetable garden.

    If the branches are reasonably thick (1″-2″ thick or more), you could list them on freecycle.com in the hopes that someone may want them for kindling. I’ve used freecycle to get rid of old broken down fences, rock piles, and dirt. Who knows? Someone might want the wood.

    If freecycle doesn’t work, then the cheapest and easiest is to have a buddy with a pickup truck help you load up the branches in his truck, and then drive you out to a place that accepts wood waste for recycling.

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  • Start throwing bonfire parties once a week. There is always a piro in the group that will keep throwing wood in all night long. I live in a heavily wooded area and last summer i had a branch fall that was so big it took me half a day to cut it down to reasonably sized pieces. I have more than enough firewood so i put an ad on craigslist. Someone with a big pickup truck came and took it for free that same day.

  • CHEAP and easy way would be the rent a wood chipper and feed the branches through it and use or give away the wood chips as mulch on garden bed..

    Next best option is to look up where you live for a tree lopping firm who have a chipper to chip up the branches they could come and chip them up in no time and the charge would be cheaper that getting a huge heap of branches picked up and dropped of at a recycling Centre as well as paying the fee there as well..

  • My suggestion:

    Call your town hall and see if they have a site where you can dispose of them.

    Many towns have a disposal place for residence to dump their yard waste. The highway dept. will mulch it up. That would be the cheapest/easiest way to get rid of it.

    You might have to bundle. tie, and transport the branches to the site in your town/area.

    Or rent a wood chipper, and use the wood chips in your garden or yard.

  • Get some nice used lawn/patio furniture off craigslist. Buy a metal chiminea at Lowe’s: Not the flat bowl type but one that actually has a chimney – $129. Borrow or rent a saw, or have someone cut it up in 18-20″ pieces and burn them in the evening when you are home.. Enjoy some patio time.

  • Dig a trench and burn a little every day. Also, you can dig a larger hole and bury the smaller pieces in it. It will decompose over time and improve the soil…it’s a form of composting.

    If that’s not possible and you’re too lazy to chop them down further, you should just call someone to haul it off.

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  • Maybe you can rent a wood chipper. I tried looking at Home Depot online, but you may have better luck just calling them. They sell them, but they are a bit pricey! Wood chips make great mulch. There has to be someplace that will rent one to you.

    Also you might call around to garden supply centers, landscaping, etc. and see if they want them.

    Good luck!

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