what’s the correct spelling? is it eyebag/s or eyebug/s?

very confusing

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  • if you're talking about the dark puffy circle around the bottom of your eyes...thoses are called Eyebags!!

    Hope this helps you!

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    Hell I'm seriously considering staring a charity...to pay for literacy lessons for Yahooers who fail the Basic Skills Test. Sometimes the spelling is so bad you can't work out what they're trying to say in their answers. And everyone has the right to be heard....even Fundies!!

  • That depends on the mistake and where it has appeared and a number of other factors. For instance if the mistake changes the meaning of the sentence to the extent that it negates what one intends to say, then it is a public service. Especially if the mistake appears in a news service, on a public website that has as its purpose to help people find answers, where to find something, how to pay taxes or save money legally to get a tax refund. There are many times when it becomes a public service. If the mistake is obviously a simple typo and makes no real difference to the purpose or intent, it probably becomes just self aggrandizing to make a correction. In that case obviously it is only self serving.

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    what's the correct spelling? is it eyebag/s or eyebug/s?

    very confusing

  • Eyebugs

  • um..if you're referring to undereye circles and puffiness, the correct spelling is "eyebags."

  • eyebag

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