What’s the difference between a CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW?

And which one would I use to burn music onto a CD?

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  • If your wanting to burn music to listen on a CD/DVD Player then you’ll need a CD-R.

    CD-ROM’s are pre-processed data stored on a CD that cannot be changed but can be copied in some cases.

    A good example of what CD-ROM’s are used for is software and games where the user can open and run the contents of the CD but cannot modify what is contained on the CD.

    CD-R’s are CD’s that can be burned or written to once and only once. The data on a CD-R is compiled to allow a certain amount of data (roughly 700MB) to be written to the disk and the contents cannot be modified again, you can copy contents from a CD-R though.

    An example of this is multimedia CD’s for music or videos under 700MB.

    CD-RW’s are rewritable CD’s that can be re-written a dozen or more times, the content can be copied, deleted and modified as necessary.

    Again, an example of this multimedia and data CD’s of which these format of CD’s are used for most often.

    Hope this helps.

  • A CD-ROM is a CD that has data on it for a computer, either a program or data to be used by a program. Not music, that would be a music CD. ROM stands for ‘read only memory’, meaning you can read the data from it but not write to it.

    A CD-R is a blank CD that you can write to. This is what you’d use to make a music CD, or a data CD.

    A CD-RW is a form of CD-R that can be erased and re-written. So you can make a music CD on one of these too. Then later you can erase it and burn different songs to it. Most CD-players today are able to read CD-RWs, but most made before the mid 90s can’t. There was something called the ‘all-play standard’ that CD players conformed to after the mid-90s. At first it would say on the player itself that it was ‘all-play’ or that it could handle CD-RWs, but later it was so universal it was just assumed.

  • Cd-rw Music

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    What’s the difference between a CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW?

    And which one would I use to burn music onto a CD?

  • Ok this is the answers: DVD= Digital Video D? (lol sorry can’t remember the last word). It’s a disc, like other DVD in TV.The Disc is for Video. DVD R=Digital Video D? Read. That’s mean when you insert this DVD, you can only read as many time as you want but write only one time. DVD RW= DVD read write. You can rewrite, read and burn anytime you want. DVD-ROM = That is the actual thing that when you put in your DVD. Your drive, like your normal DVD player. Except it smaller and specific at computer only (I think). CD=Compact Disc. Only for Audio. Very short memory. CD-R = Is the same concept like DVD-R. It only can be read but cannot be rewrite and write. CD-RW = CD read write. Can be rewrite, burn and read as many time. CD-ROM = Is the drive itself. You can’t tell any different between CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. They probably are the same. Some modern CD or DVD are compatible with DVDROM/CDROM. Hope this explain much!

  • To burn yourself, it would be CD-R or CD-RW.

    CD-ROM can only be created with the proper hardware burners.

    CD-R is used for, basically, burn once and most popular for music.

    CD-RW is re-write many times. Not all music players will support that but most do.

  • CD-R I think is the same as CD-ROM used for burning games, music, and other stuff

    CD-RW is the same thing but you can burn it as many times as you want which CD-R you can only burn once.

    Use a CD-R to burn music

  • CD-ROM will only read CD

    CD-R will burn CDs

    CD-RW will erase RW disc and burn again

  • CD-R=CD-ROM and CD-RW=ReWritable

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