what’s the difference between Christians and Catholics ?

describe major differences.

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  • The differences are found mainly in the theology.

    Catholics believe in original sin. (that mankind is depraved from birth) That is why they are careful to baptize infants because they think they will go to hell if they die and arent baptized/saved. Christians believe more that typically we all grow up to BECOME evil, not that we’re BORN evil.

    Catholics believe that church tradition is equal in authority to Scripture and continues to make revelations. Christians believe that the fullness of the Gospel as revealed in Scripture is sufficient for all matters of faith, church, and salvation.

    Catholics believe Mary was the literal mother of God, that she mothered and imparted his deity and partially attributes salvation to. Christians believe that she was just a vessel, that God is the only author of salvation and spiritual parent.

    Catholics believe in the office of pope, that he is the representative of Jesus while hes not here in the body that he allegedly established starting with Peter. Christians believe that all are priests of God, that the apostles had such authority necessary to build the foundation for the NT church, but died with them, and Jesus is the only high priest.

    Those are the biggies. Some view the Catholic Church as the “whore of Babylon” written of in revelation. It could be. The thing is they affirm the major doctrines that Scripture teaches but at the same time, they have many other beliefs that are extra-ciricular and contrary to Scripture.

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    That’s one of the questions we call drinking questions. It’s asked so often that we get to make a toast every time we hear it. Christian is the religion. Catholics are one branch of Christianity. Orthodox and Protestants are the others. At this time of year, it is 40 days until Good Friday and Easter. People go through a ritual observation of remembering what Jesus went through before his crucifixion. Jesus also went through a 40 day fast to focus on spiritual things, so we do a bit of the same. We prepare ourselves for that time by denying ourselves something we love, so that we can be more like Christ.

  • First of all Catholics are a sort of branch to Christianity.

    The main difference between Catholics and the other branches of Christianity is that they take things more literal than most churches. They are more strict about the way a service (mass) would go.

  • The absolute biggest most important difference is communion. Catholics believe that the bread and wine literally become the flesh and blood. That’s 90% of mass. As far as baptism there are 3 forms 1. Water 2. Blood, so if you get into an accident and were not baptized God baptized you by blood 3. Desire, if someone in another country doesn’t even know about Jesus then they can be baptized by God on their deathbed.

    Saints . As you ask ur friends to pray for u, we do that and ask saints to pray for us also. Years ago the disciples grabbed stones and each one represented a prayer as they would toss it, years later they strung them thru a string and it turned into the rosary. We believe we don’t know if we are going to heaven, that God judges us not ourselves. We believe in private confession with a priest, not public. Pretty much all Christians believed this way until Martin Luther felt that God wanted him to change the church and he took out some books in the bible.

  • Difference Between Christian And Catholic

  • Who is the Christian? Who is the real disciple of Christ? I will try to answer to this difficult question about confessions in Christianity religion.

    I will start with the little historical approach. At the beginning we observe one big Church that was founded just after Jesus Christ resurrection.

    But from V century more and more churches become independent. We called these Churches as Oriental Orthodox Churches. Then we see the rupture with Eastern Orthodox Church in 1054. And finally we can see the division of Catholic Church

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  • The different is the plan of salvation, just to start with. Read Acts 2:38, Galatians3:26-27, Romans6:3,4, 1Corithians 12:12 then!Peter 3 20-21. As a chosen / adopted child of God these verses show the necessity of baptism through obedience no to be seen of man but of God. Many other differences such as pomp and pageant to be seen of man. All glory is to the Lord not to man. .

  • Catholics believe that church tradition is equal in authority to Scripture and continues to make revelations. Christians believe that the fullness of the Gospel as revealed in Scripture is sufficient for all matters of faith, church, and salvation.

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  • There are diffrent types of Christians, Methodist, Catholics, Baptists, and others. Catholic is just a type, and all types have a diffrent style, but have most of the same beilfs.

  • Catholics believe you can go to Heaven by doing good deeds.

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